Eduardo D. Rubin


Creative Director

After working in Marketing Services at Citibank, Eduardo started his own agency in Buenos Aires, leading a great team of creative minds, developing Marketing and Promotional strategies for organizations of different sizes and industries, such us American Express, Deutsche Bank, IDT, VISA, Agip, Philips and more.


Gallery Owner

Eduardo founded Rubin Studio Gallery of Wynwood, Miami. He strategized with 50+ Artists to develop their dreams, organizing art shows in Miami and Buenos Aires, exhibiting in New York and participating in top international Art Fairs, such us "Shanghai Art Fair", "Asia Contemporary Art Show" in Hong Kong during Art Basel season, and more.



artcellent is the perfect blend of 30+ years of experience in a single platform: an array of customized tools, specially designed for artist, to provide the right path to communicate and promote their talent.

Because, for us, everything revolves around artists' talent and there desire to connect with others.


Rubin-102 copy.jpg

Because you want to transcend,

you have to do it right.