1973. First Prize in Engraving, Certificate of Plastic Arts for students.

1974. Second Acquisition Award, in Engraving, Ricardo Isidoro Steinberg Foundation.

1976. Honorable Mention, exhibition of awarded works of students of Fine Arts. Grabado.

1977. First Prize in Engraving, Certificate of Fine Arts students.

1979. Second Mention, in Drawing, Salon Primavera, Credicoop.

1980. Special Mention in Painting, in the Givré Foundation.

1984. Special Mention, granted by the National Deputy Director of Pre-Primary Education and Primary, Professor Susana Huberman for stage editing, costumes, masks and masks of the PACO and PECO children's play.

1988. Selected as the Plastic Artist of the year 1988, by ALAP, Latin-American Plastic Artists Association.

1988. First Mention, in Drawing, in the Second Hall of the Illustrated Poem, ALAP 88.

1988. First Prize in Engraving, Selection ALAP 88.

1988. Grand Prize of Honor, in Drawing, ALAP 88.

1988. Second Prize in Drawing, VI Spring Salon, ALAP 88.

1988. First Prize in Drawing, in II Latin American Hall of Art on paper.

1988. First Prize in Drawing, in the First Hall of Peace, ALAP 88 at The International Immigrants Foundation, Inc. United Natton H.G.O.

1989. First Prize in Drawing, awarded by ACCA, Association of Critics and Commentators of the Art of Miami, in the United States, in its International Certificate.

1990. Third Prize in Drawing, awarded by ACCA, Miami, United States, International Contest.

1992. Exhibition in NEW YORK,

1992. Exhibition at the Hotel Crillon, Buenos Aires.

1994. International Exhibition in Cadaques, 14 Miniprint, recorded. Spain.

1997. International Exhibition in Cadaques, 17 Miniprint, engraving. Spain.

1999. Selected to represent Argentina in Belgium and Spain.

2004. Selected to exhibit at ARTEXPO INTERNATINAL. New York

2005. Third prize in painting, Galeria Braque, Buenos Aires.

2005. Awards The Cove • Rincon Special Prize. Special Mention in Drawing in Miami, Florida.

2005. THEO Art Gallery. Mention in Drawing.

2005. Selected in Drawing, Banco Provincia contest.

2006. Special mention, in drawing, Mitra Gallery.

2007. Third prize, in drawing, Palermo Viejo Competition 2007.

2008. Honorable Mention, in drawing, Braque Gallery, Buenos Aires.

2009. Exhibition at Karina Paradiso, Art Gallery.

2009. Art Gallery, Alicia Bandy. Mention in Drawing.

2011. Unique mention in Drawing, Summer Salon, Mitra Gallery.

2011. Painting Grand Prize, Mitra Gallery, with the Participation in Classical Art.

2011. Exhibition at Galeria Capital Gol, in DUSSELDORF, Germany.

2011. Exhibition at Art International Zurich.

2015, Exhibition at Galería Liliana Rodriguez. Exhibition in Macba. Participation with a note in the magazine EL GRAN Otro.

2016. Exhibition in Liliana Rodriguez.

2016. R van R in numerous competitions, with an individual show by invitation.

2016. RG Art space in numerous exhibitions.

2016. Mercedes Giachetti Gallery exhibition with works with combined techniques.

2017. Exhibition at Galería Liliana Rodriguez.

2017. RG Art space in numerous exhibitions.

2017. Mercedes Giachetti Gallery.