The Rubin Studio Gallery Experience

Because, if you are talented, the whole world should know it...

The Rubin Studio Gallery Experience under ARTCELLENT is a platform developed by our Gallery to represent Art and Artists, how want to open their artwork to the world view.

Let us represent your artwork, collaborate in your artistic career , spread your work, accompany your development as an artist and contribute to the construction of your curriculum.

Buenos Aires, Miami, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and more.

And because spreading your artistic work is part of your success...

Each time we find more and more talent hidden in the workshops of the artists, without being widespread, either for commercial purposes or for the fact to grow that artistic capacity.
Therefore, let us collaborate in this process ...

Blend local and international exhibits as part of your professional trajectory.

Put your talent in front of international sophisticated audiences, and drive attraction to your artwork.


Get involved with new crowds and markets.


Please, show us your interest. Shoot us an email with your interests, tell us about yourself and "submit"


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